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Pelvic & Women's Health

Marathon provides a range of services for pregnancy and postpartum, including treatment and management of the following:

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful care I received while going to you! I feel so good and I owe it all to you!"


Why consider physical therapy during pregnancy and postpartum?

In the midst of the personal excitement and medical management of pregnancy and later, a newborn, little consideration historically has been given in the US to the physical preparation and rehabilitation of the mother. Even in the most healthy and uncomplicated of pregnancies, the pregnant woman undergoes rapid changes in posture, joint stability, respiration, and muscle function.

There is strong evidence to suggest that many of these adaptations do not spontaneously resolve after delivery, thus leaving the new mother vulnerable to musculoskeletal compromises and dysfunctions in the short and/or long term. We believe that this, compounded with normal or unexpected amounts of pelvic and/or abdominal trauma during delivery and the physical demands of newborn care and breastfeeding creates a situation in which poor compensatory patterns develop, become entrenched, and lead ultimately to increased musculoskeletal and pelvic floor compromise.

We are committed to providing individual post-partum musculoskeletal and pelvic floor evaluation and education that will help all postpartum women to identify how their bodies have changed and how they can be proactive in resolving or managing these changes.

Physical therapy during pregnancy and postpartum

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